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We are currently offering Whitetail deer and upland game bird hunts to both Alberta residents and non-residents. If you are interested in waterfowl hunting, we may be offering those hunts at a later date. If you are interested in other species of big game, like Elk, moose, mule deer or black bear, get in touch. We can accommodate your needs.

Prices for the 2021 season are reduced, owing to limited international travel and the Covid-19 Pandemic. We are, for now, accepting deposits on the 2022 season at 2021 prices. Book your hunt now.

Whitetail Deer Hunts

Whitetail Deer are the most common big game animal in Alberta. They are found throughout the province, and they make an ideal first hunt, providing a challenge, but not an extreme degree of difficulty. The meat is also delicious.

All deer hunts include bird game hunting for Ruffed and Spruce Grouse as possible, time and weather permitting. If you want the best odds of taking home a deer, the five day hunt is advisable.

Depending on weather, your preferences, and your goals for your hunt, accommodation may be in a tent camp provided by us, a hotel (for which additional payment will be required) or at our cabin one hour West of Edmonton.

Resident 3 day Whitetail Hunt. Call for Price
Non Resident 3 day Whitetail Hunt Call for Price
Resident 5 day Whitetail Hunt Call for Price
Non-resident 5 day Whitetail Hunt Call for Price
Rental of Hunting Rifle 50$
All Prices in Canadian Dollars. Hunting license costs not included

Upland Bird Hunts

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Ruffed grouse are one of the most sought-after game birds in Alberta, and are found throughout the forested areas of the province. We hunt them using trained flushing dogs to find them. On a good day in our hunting areas, you can expect to see 10-30 birds, and if you shoot well, can take home a limit of five birds. Spruce grouse are also found in some of our area, and the limit is also five. These hunts primarily take place two hours West of Edmonton, but may require additional travel.

One day grouse hunt (one person)
One Day grouse hunt (two people)
Two day grouse hunt (one person)
Two day grouse hunt (two people)
Shotgun rental (per gun)
All Prices in Canadian Dollars. Hunting license costs not included.

Take me Hunting Day

This is an experimental option. You may want a more affordable introduction to the basics of hunting. You may be uncertain if hunting is for you, and want only to accompany a hunter to find out if you’re interested. You may not be sure if you’re comfortable with a firearm yet. If so, we intend to offer several “Take me Hunting Days” this season. On these hunts, we will have up to ten beginner hunters accompany more experienced hunters as they pursue grouse, pheasants, rabbits, waterfowl and deer for a full day. For safety and legal reasons regarding the number of clients a licensed guide can legally accompany, the beginner hunters will not be able to carry guns or hunt.

This will be, however, the most affordable way to experience hunting for new hunters. Throughout the day, you will learn about the lifecycle of the animals we hunt, the best ways to identify productive hunting areas, how to hunt more effectively, and finally, how to dress and prepare the meat for the table. These “Take me Hunting” days will also include a wild game lunch.

Our tentative schedule is to do a grouse hunt October 23rd, a duck and goose hunt October 30-31st, and a whitetail deer hunt November 13th. It may be possible, depending on demand, to do a prairie upland bird hunt as well, where we would hunt wild Pheasants, Grey Partridge, and Sharptailed Grouse.

These dates subject to change, call or email for further information.

Take me Hunting, one person
Take me hunting, 2 person discount
This Could be Your Freezer

We can also offer Licensing Help for Alberta residents, Hunter Safety Training coaching, firearms instruction and guidance, and eventually, off-season training courses. As well, if you’re interested in duck and goose hunts, we can direct you to some talented guides who can help you get started. Contact us with any of your beginner hunter questions, and we will help in any way we can. See our Blog Page for more information.

Give someone a fish, you feed them for a day. Teach someone to fish, and you feed them for a lifetime.


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