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We Take New Hunters Hunting


We take people of all skill and experience levels – but our specialty is to take people with no hunting experience and help them gain the basic skills and confidence needed to become hunters.

Wild, Healthy, Sustainable Food

Hunting is a fun and challenging way of experiencing and interacting with the natural world.

Feed Yourself for a Lifetime

Wild game is a natural source of sustainable and healthy meat.

Come Hunt
  • Join us for group, pair or single hunts
  • Have the chance to harvest your first animal and take the meat home
  • We do hunts for all types of game animals in Alberta. Customize as you like
Our Philosophy

“Immerse yourself in the outdoor experience. It will cleanse your soul and make you a better person.”

Fred Bear, legendary traditional bow hunter

Our Beliefs

Hunting is humankind’s forgotten heritage. Our first pre-historic art depicts hunting scenes; our first steps away from the trees were propelled by hunted meat. By deeply experiencing wild ecosystems as participants, rather than as observers, we can gain insight and connect with the natural world in ways that feed both body and soul.

Wild Grouse with Cornmeal Pancakes
About Us

I’m Tristan Folinsbee, lifelong hunter and long-time hunting guide. I’ve taught many of my friends and family how to hunt, and now I can teach you as well.

More About Us

Hunts Offered

Whitetail Deer, Grouse, and Waterfowl

Other big game available, contact us for more information

Come find us, and come find your heritage


219 Strathearn Crescent Sw, Calgary Alberta

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